Deal Noir 2017 Programme Announced

We are delighted to confirm the programme for this year’s conference.

9.45        Deal or No Deal – is there such a thing as Kent Noir?
Katerina Diamond, Frances Fyfield, Susan Moody & William Shaw
Moderator – Ayo Onatade

10.45     New Blood – debut authors talk about their road to publication:
Fiona Cummins, Claire Evans, Paul Harrison & Mark Hill
Moderator – Sarah Ward

11.45     A Suitable Job For A Woman – what profession do you give a female protagonist if                 she is not a police officer
Steph Broadribb, Janet Laurence, Nicola Upson & Louise Voss
Moderator – William Shaw

12.45     Lunch

2.00      Killers: Home and Away – British authors who use foreign locations – where and                    why?
Quentin Bates, David Hewson, Barbara Nadel & Daniel Pembrey
Moderator – Andy Lawrence

3.00       Tough Nuts & How To Crack Them – the grittier side of crime fiction writing
Hugh Fraser, Simon Michael, Linda Regan & Rod Reynolds
Moderator – Barry Forshaw

4.00        Series Characters & Locations – how to create them so they keep on giving
Guy Fraser-Sampson, SJI Holliday, Leigh Russell & Sarah Ward
Moderator – Craig Sisterson

5.00        My Favourite All-time Crime Book
                Panel to be announced

5.55        Presentation of the Deal Noir 2017 Flash Fiction Award and Closure


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