2015 Conference

Here are a selection of photographs taken during Deal Noir 2015 (with apologies for the quality – they were taken from the back of the hall!)

A sell out conference at the Landmark Centre in Deal.

Those Were The Days: 
Richard Blake, Janet Laurence, David Donachie and Stephen Bates

058 Susan Moody and Robert Goddard
Robert Goddard in Conversation with Susan Moody

A Woman’s Place in Crime Fiction is… Helen Giltrow, M J McGrath, Laura Wilson, Louise Miller and Erin Kelly

062 Catherine Aird and Simon Brett
Catherine Aird in Conversation with Simon Brett

063 Quentin Bates, MJ McGrath, Michael Ridpath, William Horwood
Freezing to Death: Quentin Bates, Michael Ridpath, M J McGrath and William Horwood

065 Mark Billingham

Alex Marwood  Martyn Waites
The Dark Side: Alex Marwood, Mark Billingham and Martyn Waites (Tania Carver)

Laugh? I Nearly Died… Ruth Dudley Edwards and Simon Brett

The Bodies From The Library team: Susan, Liz and Mike



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