9.00      Registration

9.45        Deal or No Deal – is there such a thing as Kent Noir?
Katerina Diamond, Frances Fyfield, Susan Moody & William Shaw
Moderator – Ayo Onatade

10.45     New Blood – debut authors talk about their road to publication:
Fiona Cummins, Claire Evans, Paul Harrison & Mark Hill
Moderator – Sarah Ward

11.45     A Suitable Job For A Woman – what profession do you give a female protagonist if                 she is not a police officer
Steph Broadribb, Janet Laurence, Nicola Upson & Louise Voss
Moderator – William Shaw

12.45     Lunch

2.00      Killers: Home and Away – British authors who use foreign locations – where and                    why?
Quentin Bates, David Hewson, Barbara Nadel & Daniel Pembrey
Moderator – Andy Lawrence

3.00       Tough Nuts & How To Crack Them – the grittier side of crime fiction writing
Hugh Fraser, Simon Michael, Linda Regan & Rod Reynolds
Moderator – Barry Forshaw

4.00        Series Characters & Locations – how to create them so they keep on giving
Guy Fraser-Sampson, SJI Holliday, Leigh Russell & Sarah Ward
Moderator – Craig Sisterson

5.00        My Favourite All-time Crime Book
                Panel to be announced

5.55        Presentation of the Deal Noir 2017 Flash Fiction Award and Closure


Please note that the programme and timings may be subject to change in the event of circumstances beyond the control of the organisers.

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